Cookie Policy

Nexi Payments Greece Societe Anonyme (“Nexi Payments Greece S.A.”) informs you about the characteristics of the cookies installed on this website in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR").

1. Who are the Data Controller and the DPO?

The Data Controller of data relating to technical and analytical cookies is Nexi Payments Greece S.A. with registered office in Charilaou Trikoupi 15, 10678, Athens, Attica. The Data Protection Officer (hereinafter also the "DPO") can be contacted by writing to the email address

2. What are cookies?  

Cookies are small text strings created by a server and stored on the hard disk of any device used by the user to access the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). At each subsequent visit, the browser sends these cookies to the website that originated them or to another website. In general, cookies allow websites to remember some information to allow you to browse online quickly and easily.

3. Which cookies does this website use?

This website uses the following cookies:


Technical cookies are essential for browsing this website and using some of its features. Through these cookies it is possible to offer you a fast and secure digital experience, for example: allowing you to keep the connection to the protected area active while browsing through the pages of the website; securely store your UserID and Password; customize your homepage or identify the pages of the website you have visited; monitor the risk of fraud. Technical cookies are essential for the website to function, therefore their installation does not require consent.

Analytical or statistical

Analytical cookies collect some information on users' navigation in order to re-elaborate them to understand how users interact with the contents of the website and, therefore, improve the performance of the website itself and / or allow navigation. The website also uses analytical cookies provided by third parties with tools that reduce the identifying power of the analytical cookies themselves (e.g. by masking significant portions of the IP address) and without "enrichment" or "crossing" with other information. These analytical cookies, with the aforementioned characteristics, are assimilated to technical cookies as they are used for the provision of the service and stored separately. For third-party analytical cookies, similar to technical cookies, it is necessary to refer to their information available at the related referral links. The third parties, in fact, are in this case Data Controllers. 

Profiling for marketing purposes

Profiling cookies are used to collect information on your browsing habits with the aim of proposing advertising messages that respond as much as possible to your interests. By way of example, these cookies are used to analyze the number of times you view a particular advertisement and to offer you personalized advertisements. These cookies are provided by third parties, therefore for information on the processing of these data it is necessary to refer to their information available at the related referral links. In fact, in this case, the third parties are Data Controllers. The installation of these cookies is subject to your consent. 

4. How can I manage cookies?

To manage your cookie preferences click here.

If you want to delete the cookies installed in the cookie folder of the browser used, we remind you that each browser has different procedures for managing settings.

At the following links it is possible to find information on the management of cookies relating to the most common browsers:

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Safari (browser desktop)

5.   What are my rights?Users have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them are being processed, to verify data accuracy or request their rectification, erasure, and portability and to obtain restriction of processing pursuant art. 15 to art. 18.  of the GDPR.  Furthermore, users, for cookies installed on the basis of their consent, may at any time and freely exercise the right to revoke the consent previously given. In this regard, you can contact our Data Protection Officer office at any time at the e-mail address

Nexi Payments Greece S.A. also informs you that you have the right to lodge a complaint with the local data protection authority.