The new transaction monitoring platform from Nexi.

We welcome Nexi eMerchants.

Nexi eMerchants is the new free online portal that provides real-time visualization of your transactions. It is an innovative solution that makes your daily life easier, aiming at the development & upgrading of your business. 

It is  the new online platform for tracking card transactions, whether in your physical or online stores, in real time, wherever you are.

Registration to the new Portal as well as its use is easy, fast and offered to you completely free of charge.

What data can you track through Nexi eMerchants?

Through Nexi eMerchants, you can have direct access to:

  • detailed data concerning transactions at your Nexi POS terminals
  • detailed data of the transactions carried out through your online store
  • statements
  • on line transaction approvals
  • real-time statistical analyses and graphs 
Nexi eMerchant Portal

What Nexi eMerchants offers?

Ability to enable/disable sending notification email for statement issue.

Connecting multiple mids (with the same TIN) under one connection.  

Immediate support for anything you need regarding the platform.

How do I register on the platform?

Step 1

You are entering the eMerchants portal environment to register. You fill in the prescribed data in the fields that are requested & you accept the terms of use.

Step 2

You are then sent, from, an email with the subject "Merchant Portal - Account Activation", to the address you have provided, in order to complete the registration to the eMerchants service. Please check for possible spam.

Step 3

Select "Activate Nexi e-merchants" and enter the application.

If you have any questions, contact Nexi's technical support team by phone at  +30 210 62 44 300.


The eMerchants Portal is the new free digital platform through which you can monitor and manage the transactions carried out by your business.

- Immediate access to the Statements of your business
- Notification by email of the issuance of your company's Statement
- Real-time monitoring of approvals from transactions carried out by your business
- Statistics of your company's approvals and transactions
- Aggregated and detailed information on your company's transaction data
- Grouped display of your company's transactions and Statements
- Export of data to csv & xls files

- Choose register from the home screen.
- You accept the terms of use and then fill in the fields required for registration.
- You are then sent from, an email with the subject "Merchant Portal - Account Activation", to the email address you have provided, to complete the registration to the eMerchants service. Please check for any unsolicited mail.
- Select "Activate Nexi e-merchants" and log in to the application.
*If you would like to have a grouped view of transactions from all points (physical and electronic) of your business, please contact the Nexi call center at 210 62 44 300 to make the request.

From the home page, select "Forgot password" and follow the password reset procedure.

For any clarification or assistance with the service, you can contact Nexi's call centre at 210 62 44 300.

You can easily have grouped access to the transaction data of all the sales points of your business by submitting a request to Nexi's call centre at 210 62 44 300.

If the link you received is no longer active, please contact the Nexi Call Centre at 210 62 44 300.

The e-Statements are issued on a monthly basis.

Your business user, who has made the initial registration to the service, has the right to register and manage additional users through the "Create User" section.

Through the eMerchants Portal you can search for transactions that have taken place in the last 13 months.
In case of bundled access, you can search the last 13 months from the date of registration onwards.
For any further clarification, please contact Nexi's call centre at 210 62 44 300.