May 17th 2024

Digital payments have never been easier for freelancers

The daily life of freelancers has many challenges, from ensuring revenue and fulfilling their tax obligations to their transportation and managing client contacts. Yet, one of the most critical issues is getting paid by their customers.

Cash is still a popular payment method for freelancers, but nowadays, many consumers and businesses using their services wish to pay using debit, credit or prepaid cards. Also, many freelancers want to get paid by card or digital payment methods to avoid carrying significant amounts of money in cash.

Even more, freelancers need to record the transactions with their clients. For example, it is crucial to know how much a particular client has paid, when that payment was made and if an amount is due. Or, for instance, how much the revenue was last month or a year ago.

To deal with their digital payments and financial footprint, freelancers need an efficient solution to help them face these challenges. The answer, in this case, is the Nexi XPay platform. Nexi is one of the world’s most prominent “players” in the field of payments, and XPay is the solution that allows even freelancers to easily and quickly accept card payments, regardless of having or not a website or an online store.

The significant advantage of Nexi XPay is the payment via a link option (pay-by-link). Any freelancer can easily create a link through the platform and send it to the client via email, SMS or an instant messaging application. After that, the client can quickly pay through a secure environment.

In addition, Nexi XPay accepts payments with any debit, credit or prepaid card, regardless of whether it is a VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Diners. The fact that it offers multiple options regarding card payments is another critical advantage for the Nexi digital payment platform, which also targets freelancers. Mainly because the customers need not ask which debit, credit or prepaid card they can use, as Nexi XPay accepts all of them.

If there is a website or even an online store, the freelancer can easily integrate Nexi XPay into his/her website with just a basic knowledge of web development, since free plugins are provided for the most important platforms.



Ioannis Maretis

e-Commerce Specialist

Nexi Payments Greece S.A.