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In keeping with our promise to support you through every phase of your daily life, Nexi is taking part in Programme III "Digital Transactions" of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan "Greece 2.0" (the "Programme") for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

As such, we are offering you the opportunity to purchase our new POS terminals:

Nexi Traditional POS 
Ingenico Desk 2600 (without extra cost)*

Ingenico Desk 2600

by taking advantage of the Programme's subsidy.

* The costs do not include VAT and technical support.

Nexi SmartPOS® with printer PAX A910 (for 89€) *

Pax 910

by taking advantage of the Programme's subsidy.

* The costs do not include VAT and technical support.

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Are you a Nexi customer? If so, we will get in touch with you once you submit the interest form to help you take advantage of all the opportunities the Programme has to offer.

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If you are not already a Nexi customer, book an appointment now at an Alpha Bank branch.


If you have applied but have not yet checked whether you are among the beneficiaries of the Programme, you can enter your account on the Electronic Funding Application Platform and select the field "Issue & Manage Checks".

Please consider that the deadline for applying to the Programme passed on 15/05/23 while we are now in the phase of redeeming the vouchers from the beneficiaries.

Please dial +30 210 62 44 300 for any further clarifications.

A short explanation of the Programme.

Programme III: "Digital Transactions" assists small and medium-sized businesses operating in Greece by promoting the adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions that facilitate the procedures of electronic payments, tax document issuance, and handling. Companies that purchase vouchers can enhance the invoicing and management of tax documents, change their POS terminals, and receive electronic invoicing services.