May 16th 2024

Tourism: By improving the payments process, you enhance your customers’ experience

Optimum customer experience is the key to success for any business. Even more so, however, for those operating in the field of tourism. Customers have demands and now possess the power -through social media reviews and more- to boost or afflict the popularity of a hotel, accommodation, restaurant, travel or tour company.

At this level, where the business-customer relationship and service are personal, even the details have significance, such as the options a tourism business offers its customers regarding online payments, especially their digital forms. So, tourism companies should have the best platform to provide the best experience possible.

Customers of a travel business want to have choices on how they make an online payment. For example, they want to be able to prepay for services, and, of course, they want the payment process to be simple and easy. They also take it for granted that they can pay remotely, using online platforms and the Internet.

But can an SME tourism business offer its customers such a wide range of digital payment options? The answer is yes, even for companies without a website, as digital technologies, such as Nexi XPay, provide solutions to such issues.

Nexi is one of the leading providers of payment-related solutions in Europe and brings to the Greek market its new platform for online transactions, Nexi XPay, which aims to offer multiple options to all businesses.

Nexi XPay has significant advantages that solve the problems of any tourism business. For example, with Nexi XPay a property can accept online payments by any type of debit, credit or prepaid card, such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Diners. This is especially important in tourism, as visitors and customers can come from anywhere in the world . In fact, in some countries, e.g. in the USA, American Express or Diners cards are particularly popular, so a tourism business in Greece must be able to manage them.

Also, the NexiXPay platform is ready to support more digital payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are gradually becoming more and more popular, so tourists will also have this option through their e-wallet.

Another great asset is the ease of integrating the Nexi XPay platform into their online store. Essentially, all that is required of the person who will undertake this task is to have basic knowledge of creating websites since everything is done straightforwardly and fast.

Finally, there is one more feature of Nexi XPay that will facilitate the payment process in the hospitality businesses: the option to pay via a link (pay-by-link). What does this mean? That, fast and forthright, the company manager creates a link and sends it via email, SMS, or an instant messaging application to the client with whom he communicates, and the latter can easily and quickly make the payment in a safe environment.

The Nexi XPay platform enables a business to offer its customers multiple options when proceeding with their transactions. Given that its integration is effortless, any tourism business, even those with limited resources to develop and use digital technology, can leverage the XPay platform to offer the best possible experience to their customers. Considering that payment is usually the first or last part of a visitor’s overall experience, if any problem arises, the negative impression is the one that will stick with the client.


Dimitra Davioti

e-Commerce Specialist

Nexi Payments Greece S.A.