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Gamma POS Terminal

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We offer integrated solutions for physical and online stores, providing a variety of payment options via card or bank account.

Our terminals (POS) are state-of-the-art to adapt to the environment and the needs of each business to accept electronic payments.

Nexi e-Commerce service, offers businesses the most modern and comprehensive solutions for their customers

You can access a wide range of services, designed to meet your needs depending on the type of your business.

Nexi SoftPos

Nexi SoftPOS 

Recommended for: Small Businesses

Nexi SoftPOS is an innovative payment solution that transforms your Android smartphone or tablet into a powerful Point Of Sale, able to accept Contactless payments, without the need for additional hardware.

Nexi SmartPOS® Mini

Recommended for: Small and Medium-sized Businesses 

Nexi SmartPOS® Mini Android POS is a fully portable, simple and compact mobile payment terminal. It is designed to deliver all the benefits of Android and payment security in a robust, featherweight, and elegant design.

Powered by WiFi and mobile network connection (SIM included), it enables the instant processing of any type of payment, anytime, anywhere and offers receipt sharing by email. 

Pax A 50
Pax 910

Nexi SmartPOS® with printer
PAX A910  

Recommended for: Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Nexi SmartPOS® with printer Android POS is an advanced, portable terminal. Powered by WiFi and mobile network connection (SIM included), it provides a seamless payment experience on the move, and offers instant receipt printing or sharing by email.

Nexi Traditional POS 
Ingenico Desk 2600 

Recommended for: Small and Medium Enterprises

The Nexi Traditional POS Ingenico Desk 2600 is a countertop, wired terminal with a battery back-up for business continuity. With its nimble design it fits perfectly on any counter, accepts all payment methods and is optimized for seamless contactless transactions. 

Ingenico Desk 3200
Pax 910

Nexi XPay
Nexi XPay e-Commerce platform is an advanced online platform that allows businesses to accept electronic payments securely from their customers. Transaction management is simple and fast, while advanced features help businesses sell their products and services with even greater convenience & ease.

Discover our  POS terminals range

The POS terminals are available from Nexi Greece Single Member S.A., part of the NEXI Group.